Giving Form To Desire And Temptations

From lavish necklaces and delicate rings, to chic bracelets and ornate earrings- I have been creating jewelry for over ten years. My approach to the design and innovation of precious jewelry has been recognized for it’s 180-degree approach: skillfully weaving together design, shape and color with fine craftsmanship and precious metals and stones.
My inspiration and creativity are driven by the experiences and encounters I have had in my frequent travels between Hong Kong, Bangkok, India and Paris.
My creations are an equilibrated dialogue between inventiveness and reality: from clothing and furniture, to art and architecture.
Like the lines that one’s eye is drawn to by the domed peaks of Rome’s churches, my earrings and pendants are inspired by, and mirror, the effect of the interior of Italy’s cathedrals- as one gazes upwards, taking in the remarkable colors and motifs reaching skywards.
My work is the fusion of the trends of today with those of tomorrow.
Nothing minimalistic: my jewels, although clean in their lines and clarity, are always substantial. They are the stones that accompany women throughout the duration of their days- giving a personal and feminine air in the morning light and illuminating and reflecting the evenings.
At the same time; pearls, sapphires, black and white diamonds, rubies and emeralds are precious materials that must be interpreted with a sense of irony and playfulness: the colors blend and merge from season to season, the pink of coral finds the deep black of an onyx. Baroque pearls, precious and irregular, serve as the base for delicate leaves that reflect the style and craftsmanship of the height of style in the 1950’s.
A mix of ideas and pieces that easily unite- traditional designs: in-part mobile, in-part stationary, genuine, playful, beautiful and at times, with small and delightful variability. An evening clutch or a vintage watch that completes the single image of an individual style that, undoubtedly, does not go unnoticed: My style.

Every single person is a unique jewel


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The Story of Eleanor Mantini

After completing a degree in Art with a concentration in Architecture, Eleonora Mantini began her career as a designer in Rome working alongside renowned goldsmith, Professor Mario Turrini, whose laboratory’s focus is on the construction of jewelry, beauty design research and methodology, and gold sculpture.

In 1996, Mantini earned a diploma at the European Institute of Design in Rome. During the final year of her studies, she collaborated with the Cimento Society, working on and creating a collection of pieces inspired by architect Andrea Palladio. Simultaneously, Mantini was creating a line of accessories for the Lancetti Fall/Winter collection.

By 2000, Mantini was awarded second place in the “New Talent” competition held by esteemed architect Massimo Zucchi (during the “Vicenza Oro” fair), as well as being named among the finalists in the Diamond Design Awards competition, “Diamonti Domani,” organized by the world’s leading diamond company, De Beers.

Later, Mantini decided to leave Turrini’s workshop and immediately began collaborating and designing with the Gianni Caritá Company, one of the most important Italian producers of jewels. At that time, Mantini joined forces with Parsifal, for which she designed and monitored the modeling and forming of prototypes.

Before founding her own jewelry line, Mantini held a number of important roles in various collaborations with designers, fashion houses and workshops throughout Europe: she has worked with important names such as Arata Gioielli of Valenza, L’Esagono of Rome and Camillo Bona in the production of high fashion jewelry for her Spring/Summer collection. Additionally, Mantini designed the pearl jewelry collection for Majorca S.A. of Barcelona, she collaborated with Emmetre Gioielleria by Mario Meola (Tari), and Antonimi in Milan on their jewelry design line, “jewels in motion.”

In 2000 Mantini established Clee Gioielli, a company focused on the creation and production of fine jewelry in gold and precious stones. Her collections are characterized and identified by their style, design, construction, Italian creativity and skill, and the expertise gained through many years of working with the masters of gold and jewelry design. Mantini’s techniques and concepts are forever evolving, as she is on a continuous search for new forms of beauty and precious materials.

Her company’s collections have gained a position in the storefront displays of the finest jewelry retailers in Italy and Mantini’s designs are often worn by noted individuals throughout Europe.
Mantini’s profound love for diamonds and frequent travel throughout Hong Kong, India, New York and Belgium serve as continuous stimuli for the creation of new and innovative collections.




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